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Established in 2022, GRÓ Studios is the first film and television studio of its kind in the Faroe Islands, involved in all aspects of development through production and distribution. The studio is a joint venture between creator, writer and executive producer Torfinnur Jákupsson and producer Jón Hammer. The producing duo were the Faroese driving force behind the first ever series set in the Faroes - award-winning eco-crime drama TROM, available on Viaplay, DR, BBC, ZDF/Arte, AMC+ and SBS among others. 

GRÓ works closely with the Nordic and international industry. We focus on local talent and local stories with a strong sense of genre and setting, written and produced for a global audience. With a publishing and post-production department, GRÓ also specializes in IP rights, original composition, music production and supervision. 

Following the international success of TROM, GRÓ has developed a fast-growing slate of high-end series in addition to feature films and documentaries.

The dictionary meaning of GRÓ in Faroese and English: “(plfr.) kykna el. fræ á blómuleysari urt, ið losnar frá móðurplantuni og verður til nýggja lívveru” / “(in botany) cell or seed on a flowerless plant that detaches from its motherplant and becomes a new organism”

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“Intense crime against a climate-conscious backdrop of magnificent nature …

gifted entertainment with an attitude towards the future of the Faroe Islands”

Filmmagasinet EKKO

“The Faroe Islands are the new black in Nordic noir”


“Where the conflict between the maritime industry and environmental concerns forms

the background for femicide and corruption … the Faroe Islands are obvious crime territory”


“TROM slowly unfolds the tension, culminating in a roaring season finale”

Vi Elsker Serier

“After one season, the feeling is that TROM is here to stay”


“Both thought-provoking and creepy in its own quiet way”

Avisen Danmark

“Scandi-noir comes to the Faroe Islands – and it's beautiful

… bold, striking and something different”

The Telegraph

“TROM is your new juicy Scandi-noir obsession”

The Guardian

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